Samantha Siegel

About Me


Hi, I’m Samantha; mother, artist, dancer, and baker. I was born and raised in Chicago and the youngest of 6 kids.


After high school I went to Israel to meet Shoshana Harrari, renowned author and healer, and lived in the tree house in her backyard.  I was there for two months learning everything about health, in particular raw and sprouted foods. It changed the course of my life forever.

I went back to America to go to art school on a full, 4 year scholarship but lasted only 4 months before I dropped out and went to Thailand and Cambodia.  Then at age 20 I moved to Israel to live permanently. I started off in Shoshana’s tree house, moved on into the forests, abandoned train cars, tee-pees, and farms.

I like to create things, and I love the unknown. If I could, I would live this way all the time. Painting, sewing, dancing, hiking in nature, jumping in cold water, cooking and baking, growing food, building anything at all, making music and websites like this one, and many more. All day long.
Well, that’s nice and all, but I can’t just live only for myself. Now they tell me ‘go get a job, be part of the workforce, and work many hours for minimal pay, 7 bucks an hour’. 

But I didn’t exactly fall for the whole “job” thing. Instead I lived outdoors in a tent, became self sufficient, collecting my water and growing my own food. Life was perfectly simple. Just the way I wanted it.

The truth is we need only fresh air , water, and a little bit of nutrient dense food. But instead we get EVERYTHING except that.

For so many years I was busy doing what I loved, and I was successful because I was enjoying the simplest things on earth.  I survived the outdoors for years on end with barely much at all.  But I learned so well while living in “poverty” that I could make amazing, nutritious meals with almost no money.

Four years ago I had started up a small sprouted bread company in my home, and I plan to expand it. The time has come for Israel and Jerusalem’s very first sprouted bread bakery and falafel stand. Fusing fast food with health which is also delicious and affordable… so good that people who don’t like healthy food will love it!



The name Rustic Regal is the same concept as ying/yang; Fusing two opposites and coming out with the best results. I am going down into the roots and blending together ancient and modern, to create a type of food that is luxurious, yet primitive at the same time.



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My Adventure with Minimalism