Samantha Siegel

Alchemy, Quantum Physics, and Sprouted Breads

We all remember what Einstein discovered, right? E=mc squared, the relationship between energy and mass. Ultimately everything is energy. This is what you will learn in quantum physics too. All matter is energy. In fact, on the sub atomic level, there is much more empty space than matter. Our bodies are made up of 80% water, and every atom in your body is 99.99% empty space!

Then why don’t I fall right through the chair when I sit on it? And how could I shake my friends hand if we are mostly empty? I feel very physical indeed!

Well, this my friends is simply part of our amazing holographic universe. The mind is creating the content for the movie which is being projected onto the screen. This is also mind science, and mind over matter.

Sprouting Grains is indeed part of the alchemy that we humans must perform to our food to make it nutritious and bountiful with the power to create a superior human body and mind. Alchemy is turning bass metal into gold, and starts from the power of the mind.
So why eat grains in its dormant phase? Why waste powerful life potential? They say most humans use around 2% of their brain power. If this is true, we barely know the power of this amazing tool, the human mind, which is far superior to any computer or technological devise.

Sprouting maximizes the positive energy in the grains which will ultimately be the right fuel for your body. I am at the point where I would not bother making lentils if they were not sprouted, and I would not eat seeds and nuts if they were not soaked, because I know they are nutritionally inferior to their soaked and sprouted, fermented counter-parts.

Thu human body does not need so much food, and inferior for that matter too! We only need a meal and a half a day but you may not be able to get there if you do not get nourished from the food you eat. People eat alot nowadays but they are only absorbing 15%. That is pathetic! We can eat more nutritious food, and less of it for less money, time, and hassle.

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