Samantha Siegel

Sprouted Breads

100% Sprouted and Organic Breads

Sprouted grains are flavorful, satisfying, and they are so good for you too! Choose from wheat, spelt, or multigrain. I have pitas, loaves, bread sticks and tortillas.

Each package is a half kilo:

1 loaf- wheat 30    spelt 35

6 pitas – wheat 30   spelt 35

7 breadsticks –  wheat 30   spelt 35

8 tortillas – wheat 25     spelt 30




~Sprouted Bread is tolerable to many people with allergies to gluten

~Sprouted grains have more vitamins, minerals, proteins, and and amino acids.

~It is free of anti- nutrients and enzyme inhibitors so you get all the nutrients from the bread and the other parts of the meal you are eating.

~It is kosher, pareve, with challah taken

~It can be used as ‘ha motzei’ on Shabbat.

It’s the best bread of all time!





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