Samantha Siegel

Beer and Bread Connection

Beer is said to be one of our first ‘foods’. At least 5 thousand yrs old, perhaps civilization only sprouted and flourished because humans had beer. I think the first government ever created was a ‘beerarcracy’.

Beer is made from sprouted barley that is fermented. If the barley is not sprouted, you may absolutely not make beer. So why do we think we can make bread with un-sprouted wheat?

But I truly believe our ancestors ate sprouted wheat bread, with mashed sprouts or with flour from dried sprouted wheat, a.k.a. ‘malt’.  We would not have made it as a species otherwise. Sprouted wheat is so much more nutritious, and our ancestors were surviving to get adequate nutrition. Sometimes they didn’t have food, sometimes they starved. They were smart, they knew to sprout or malt their wheat before grinding it. And perhaps the wheat flour they used was ground from dry malted grains, meaning they consumed alot of sprouted flour as oppossed to what we eat today, non-sprouted flour.

Modern bread is missing all 3 steps!  The Soaking, sprouting, and the natural rising.  The whole entire process, out into the recycle bin of history.

 Wheat must be sprouted, or malted, in order to produce a real authentic nutritious food.

Beer and bread sustained the cradle of civilization and made society as we know it today.

“The invention of bread and beer has been argued to be responsible for humanity’s ability to develop technology and build civilization.”


But there is a mysterious black-out of info out there on the history of sprouted breads, and presently not popular and hardly known about. Funny…compared to beer, which there is extreme popularity and endless documentation of.  Anything can be found on the internet, except a rare few things, which include the history of sprouted bread. I was expecting to find something like…”sprouted grain bread was the earliest form of bread, dating back to at least 5000 BCE”….but no.  After searching the internet all I found was one thing: Crediting the first recipe of sprouted bread to the Essenes, a Jewish group living in Israel 2000 years ago.

The Essenes were the first raw foodists, so they didn’t bake their bread, but instead dried it, to retain the live enzymes, and in turn, the grains gave life to those who ate it. The Essenes believed that only life could give life, and that by cooking the life out of the food, it is dead. They were mostly vegan besides for live fermented dairy and yogurt.

Blackout on the History of Sprouted Breads

Bread is the staff of life and the original food. Wheat produced the staple food of the fertile crescent which sustained the cradle of civilization.

Soaking sprouting, fermenting. The three steps of our ancient food: beer and bread.

Beer-bread connection.

Beer- the earliest known food of mankind

Why call beer a food? Its a liquid! Yes, it was drunk, but was a dietary staple in the fetile crescent for young and old, rich and poor alike. In ancient Egypt they drank it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The way it was prepared and fermented made it a probiotic, super nutritious powerhouse full of antioxidants, B vitamins, amino acids,and live enzymes….and people lived on it.

But the beer the ancients drank had no resemblance to the beer we enjoy today. It was thicker and unpasteurized.

soak, sprout and ferment

 These are the three steps to remove anti nutrients, make the food nutritious, digestible, absorbale, taste better and to a longer shelf life. Not a bad deal, huh?