Samantha Siegel

Being Healthy is Free!

Air is free.
Water used to be but now it’s not.
Food is definitely not free.
Or is it?

There is a rumor going around that eating healthy costs a lot of money. I don’t understand it. I just sprout grains, soak nuts and seeds, eat olive oil and techina, fresh salads, and soup. What’s the big deal? With three onions, a cup of lentils, carrots, celery, and parsley and I got dinner for 5.

Life is so unbelievably simple, but man complicates it. I don’t understand why there are 15,000 products in supermarkets.

If all the supermarkets in the world suddenly dissapeared, I would have no problem. I live solely off of water, bulk grains, and fresh produce from the shuk. If for some reason the economy collapses and food prices skyrocket, I’m still okay because if I had to live off of just wheat berries and water, I have the survival skills to know how to maximize any dry grain or seed to get all the nutrition my body needs.


So when you buy expensive packaged foods with a long ingredient list of chemicals you can’t pronounce, you are basically paying for garbage that makes you sick. So you are paying to get old. If you thought about it like that, you wouldn’t waste your money or time.


So here are some answers on how to stay healthy, and not get stressed when you are low on cash.





Being rich is having a 50 kilo sack of organic wheat berries. In emergency you can survive off of the sprouts, rejuvelac, and wheatgrass. Buying it in bulk would come out to 3 or 4 shekels a kilo. In the health food store its allready at least 7 , so there, you’ve gotten it half off. Now you have bread, wheatgrass and rejuvelac for the next year without worry, and for barely any money whatsoever.

People love bread, and for good reason, but overdoing flour is wrong! My sprouted breads are so good and versatile. I can make pitas that rise with a pocket, loaves that slice, pizza crusts, and cinnamon buns. This dough puts all others to shame. Sprouting wheat is the simplest thing in the world, it just takes learning and practice. Sooner or later you will master the process and it will be second nature. You will not only get good but find your own style. No two sprouted breads are the same.


Rejuvelac is the grains’ soak water. It starts to ferment slightly if you leave it in long enough, which gives you friendly bacteria and aids in B-12 absorption. After you drain the wheat berries and let them sit in a colander, they start to sprout and you can grow the wheat grass yourself , which will give you all the vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll you will need. With just this, you are set. If you want to make bread with flour, then Sourdough bread is a wonderful alternative to yeasted bread.Just remember, wheat and water, and you will never lack.


If you have allergies to gluten or wheat flour, you most probably can still eat sprouts, because gluten levels decrease and the grain turns more into a vegetable that your body can actually digest. The sprouting process wakes sleeping beauty up from her long slumber.


 Almonds and Dates


Israel is the Land of Milk and honey, and Almond milk is the drink that perfectly describes this biblical passage. Almond milk is heaven in liquid form.


I find Israeli grown almonds in the shuk for 50 shekels a kilo. I stock up on these for almond milk. I also get organic dates for 25 shekels a kilo. If you go to the health food warehouse and buy bulk, everything goes down in price and you can have your staples for minimum price. (And you don’t have to shop a lot if you have a dry food stash at home. That, plus your water filter, leaves with endless options of food, sprouts, and drinks.) When I was really strapped for cash I made milk out of sesame seeds which is half the price of almonds.




At least in Israel, there are always fruits and veges in season from the shuk. I stress in season because it’s healthier and less expensive. When there are lemons and oranges in the winter, and watermelon in the summer, the price drops to 3 shekels a kilo.


Lemons are my absolute favorite condiment. Lemon, olive oil, and sea salt can make anything in the world taste good. I put it on everything from salad, to grains and soups. It also keeps your body clean.  Lemonade or iced tea is great in the summer.  My son and I drink it everyday in the summer.  I add honey or maple syrup. He drinks it all and asks for more.


Necessary Oils, Vinegar, and Spices
Here are the necessary condiments to make any simple dressing or sauce.



  • Olive oil
  • GOOD Sea Salt
  • Coconut oil
  • Lemons
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • High Quality Soy Sauce
  • Techina-Sesame Butter
  • Fresh Herbs- Parsley, Dill, Coriander, Ginger, Garlic…
  • Dried spices especially Whole black peppercorns
  • Honey or Maple syrup



You can make absolutely anything taste good with the dressing you put on it. It’s all about the dressing.




Its absolutely amazing what you can grow at home with almost no experience, space, or money. Sprouts are absolutely packed with nutrition and enzymes, as they are alive and growing up until the second you chew them up. Learning how to sprout is the ULTIMATE SURVIVAL SKILL OF ALL TIME. It costs you nothing! A tablespoon of fenegreek seeds fills up a whole jar of sprouts. You can get a kilo of seeds for 9 shekels. Free food is the healthiest food.

In the book of Daniel, when he was serving in the palace in Babylon, he did not want to defile himself with the non-kosher food and asked if he could eat sprouts. For ten days that is all he ate and he looked so good, that they allowed him to continue eating that way.

I grow fenegreek and alfalafa sprouts in glass jars in my kitchen and on soil on my marpeset. I am convinced that sprouted bread and sprouts have the answers to many of the world’s problems. One day we will all come to appreciate sprouts. It might take an apocalypse, but we’ll get there.


Carrots, Cabbage, and Onions


These are things I always have in my house. Weather to make salad or soup, I can always come up with different ways to eat the simplest, cheapest foods there are to buy.


Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, and Squash

There is absolutely nothing like a baked sweet potato with some coconut oil. I live off of sweet potato’s in my soup, and sweet potato pie. Once again, the simplest things are the best. And you get up from a meal feeling energized, not at all drained.

Besides for baking them in the oven, I make simple blended soups. It takes 15 minutes to steam the diced potato and squash, onions, garlic, freshly ground pepper,salt… in just enough water to cover it. Open, let the steam out. Blend it. There you go. A soup with no free radicals or cooked oils. You can add oil just before serving. (Free radicals are one of the biggest causes of aging)

For kids, a great treat is baked french fries. Cut potatoes into long thin slices (like in McDonald’s) and put in a bowl. Put generous amount of olive oil and sea salt. Mix thoroughly until even and bake at 250 degrees Celsius for half an hour. If you have organic ketchup, this makes for very happy kids. I have seen it over and over. Even the kids who eat instant soups, are still satisfied with this wholesome version of french fries.


 Great Deals at the Health Food Store


When I go to the health food store there is usually only one place I look, and that is at the bulk grains and seeds. There’s a few amazing deals.


Flax seeds


They are the lowest price seed, so overlooked, yet its the healthiest of all! It can be difficult to find good quality flax oil, so I buy a big bulk bag of flax seeds and I grind them in my little spice grinder, and it keeps in the fridge a few days. You can sprinkle it on anything from salad to quinoa. Flax has omega 3 and is great fiber. It is simply a power food. Plus it feeds your brain and is good for your mood. 


Coconut flakes


They are so fun to use, and much more affordable than any other form of coconut. I pour some into my spice grinder and grind it into a powder and use it in place of flour in cookies and cakes. Since it is naturally sweet, I add less sugar to whatever I am baking, and the taste is light years better than plain flour. My cookies taste better than the unhealthy store bought ones. For recipes that call for milk, I use coconut milk.

Homemade Vanilla Extract


I buy vanilla beans and make my own vanilla extract. My method is dicing the vanilla and then grinding it in my electric spice grinder until it is almost a powder. I put it into a little glass jar with some kind of whiskey, or vodka, and let is sit for a few weeks. I use this in my baking and almond milk, and it tastes like heaven. Since I make it myself, there is no pressure to preserve. I can use as much as I want.


 Bulk Grains- Quinoa, Millet, Buckwheat, Lentils, Chick Peas


All these foods can be bought bulk at the health food store and stored in glass jars at home. Quinoa…A popular legume. And for good reason! It’s worth eating. Millet is similar, yet very inexpensive. You can even sprout millet and bake it into the sprouted bread.

The best lentil soup is a sprouted lentil soup. Try it. Take your sprouted green lentils and make a spicy soup with vegetables. The flavor of sprouted vs dormant is extraordinary. Plus, it takes much less time to cook! The little things in life make the BIGGEST difference.

Sprouts are our best friends. It activates all the dormant nutrients, so you’re getting much more for your money and time.

You can buy chickpeas for so very little and make chummus, or use in soups.  One kilo of dried garbanzo beans can be used for the whole month if stored properly in freezer.   Real food for almost no costs whatsoever.  Life is not expensive, it’s rewarding. 




I grind oats into flour with my spice grinder. I use this instead of wheat flour in cakes and cookies. Oats are a better choice than regular flour not only because they are gluten free.  You can have fresh flour so easily by grinding it for a few seconds in a spice grinder. That ensures more taste and vitality in your baking, thus resulting in you needing to add less sugar to make it taste good. Baking cookies with tasteless old flour is not so smart.

Congratulations! You just got to the end of this long article. That was a lot of information. Hope I didn’t overload ya’ll!  Feel free to join a class, or have private skype counseling! Let’s get you on the road to paying less for more nutrition!



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