Samantha Siegel

The Only Cleaning Products You Will Ever Need

Can you imagine using the same substance to wash your hair, brush your teeth, do your laundry with, use as deodorant, mouthwash and body cream, for baking and salad dressings, window and toilet cleaner, lice and parasite removal, and detox for your kidneys and liver?

Outrageous, right? Well, I am happy to inform you that you only need the same 10 products to clean, cure, and dress just about anything in the world; inside and out.

‘Let your food be your medicine’

-Hippocrates, Father of Modern medicine

‘Let your medicine be your cleaning products, and also your salad dressing’

-Samantha Siegel, Founder of Rustic Regal

Now I know you are super curious and I will now let you in on the top secret information.

1) Baking Soda– the most important cleaning product you will ever need. It removes stains,cuts grease,removes odor and can be taken internally too!

2)Apple Cider Vinegar– ACV is nature’s bleach. Strong enough to clean an oven and gentle enough to swallow!

3) Any organic based soap such as Ecover Dish soap or Dr. Bronners

4) Essential oils-Eucalyptus,Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary, etc.

5) Coconut Oil and Olive Oil– Only Cold Pressed!

6) Fresh Lemon

7) Salt

8) Honey

9) Hydrogen Peroxide– Optional

Now I shall briefly give you all of my famous recipes.

# 1 Universal Cleaning Solution – Baking Soda and ACV – for ovens, dirty showers and sinks, mold, dishes and more. Pour ACV onto Baking soda and see the bubbling chemical reaction that occurs! Its like a science experiment, so please try it at home!

Toothpaste– Baking soda or salt- A few times a year you may add some hydrogen peroxide for whitening.

Deodorant– Lavender Oil and then Sprinkle some baking soda. The only natural deodorant that works!

Shampoo– Mix baking soda and water, ratio 1:1. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Conditioner– ACV and water, ratio 1:1, and it leaves your hair so soft and shiny! You may also condition with Honey using the same process.

Window cleaner– ACV with scrunched up newspaper

For oily dishes in the sink– Organic soap and baking soda, and if you want some ACV to ‘bleach’ unwanted germs

Laundry detergent– 1/4 cup baking soda, 3-5 tblsp ACV, 6 drops eucalyptus, and 3-5 tblsp organic soap

Oil pulling– 1 tblsp Coconut Oil- Takes toxins out of your body and mouth, and can heal anything from tooth aches to bad breathe

Facial and body moisturizer– Coconut Oil is my favorite, but you may use olive oil too.

Lice Removal– 1/8 cup Olive oil with rosemary, eucalyptus,teatree, and anything else! Rub in your hair and cover with plastic bag for at least an hour, and then use your lice comb. It also is a hair treatment at the same time! Then wash with shampoo and baking soda mixed together. You may condition with ACV. ANother way to remove lice would be to use hydrogen peroxide but it may bleach your hair.

To add to soup or drizzle on freshly baked sweet potato- Coconut Oil and salt (optional:lemon)

Best classic all-around dressing for any food- Olive Oil, lemon, and Salt

Liver/Kidney Detox– A mixture of ACV, Lemon, and Olive Oil

Carpet Cleaner– Add essential oils to a bag of Baking Soda and shake up, and sprinkle on carpet, and then vaccum

Cake riser– Just Baking Soda- i dont even use baking powder anymore.

First Aid Antiseptic- Lemon or honey, on the cut or scrape-you may even use tea tree oil (or hydrogen peroxide, if you like that type of thing)

This list goes on for another 4 pages. The idea is the same. You may use these things for just about any purpose. If you have any more questions or ideas for usages, just Google it! The answers are there.

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