Samantha Siegel

Demonizing Salt and Sugar

I find human nature quite comical; Turning sea salt into a poison and sugar cane into a drug, and then blaming the plant or element itself for our demise. Salt is one of the most basic elements on planet Earth. It is not bad for us. In fact it is crucial for our survival! Just a little bit of salt can keep you hydrated and sane. Demonizing salt came from overdoing processed salt, getting sick from a processed diet, and then ignorantly saying “the salt did it to me!” when really we did it to ourselves.

There is nothing inherently wrong with salt or sugar. If eaten in it’s natural state, it is absolutely fine in moderation.

Humans have over-done salt and sugar in a couple ways.

1- Processing and bleaching it- taking out minerals, adding others, and refining it into a destructive product

2- Using way too much salt and forgetting to add lemon, vinegar, or herbs to add flavor- and using too much sugar and not nature’s way of sweetening which can be dates, honey, or natural sugar cane. ( BTW sprouting wheat makes it so sweet! )

I eat 95% of my diet raw, soaked, sprouted,steamed , and completely simple, real, and nourishing. But I also eat sugar once in a while, and I know that what I do once a month will not really affect me too much. It is what we do everyday that effects us. On a day to day basis we should be eating right. That means good salt from a non-polluted area, and using natures way of sweetening such as dates, fruit, or even organic sugar cane. I do not think it is bad to use real sugar cane. It is the processed sugar that is a serious problem.

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