Samantha Siegel

Fasting- A Fast Way to Feel Better

Fasting should be called Slowing, because when you fast, time goes by so slow. Time drags when you aren’t having fun. Right?


Fasting feels so good. It brings you to a higher plane, lifting you above time and gravity. It is the oldest form of cleansing and the most affordable too!

If you are sick, fasting is the best thing you can do to speed up the healing process because it frees up so much energy that would have been otherwise used up by the digestion process. In some instances it takes more energy to digest a meal than the nourishment that you get from it! That is why after a big meal you feel sleepy. That is why the more you eat, the hungrier you are. That is the same reason why you stop feeling hungry by the third day of a fast.

That is why drinking is so great! Because you are putting less strain on your colon, yet absorbing so much more nutrition. When I did a full body cleanse, I drank fresh juices and herbal teas for 2 weeks. I realized so much about food during that time.

1- We eat so much more than we really need
2- Eating makes you hungry, and juice nourishes you without taking any energy away
3- We treat ourselves like garbage cans
4- Juice is the sweet nectar of the fruit or vegetable, and goes into your body like a blood transfusion
5- Let’s face it. We all have some kind of emotional attachment to food. What are we eating about?
6- When you just drink juice, you are freeing up so much energy that can be used for so many other activities in life
7-We as a race have become addicted to food

Drinking water, herbal tea, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices might seem hard at first, because you feel light headed and hungry. That hunger is only the parasites in your stomach telling you that they are hungry. Stop Feeding Your Parasites! It might not sound so pretty, but even raw vegans have to clean out their bodies from intrusive pesky parasites every once in a while. With meat and bread eaters it is much worse. Being constipated with that in your stomach creates the perfect atmosphere for parasites to thrive, and it allows eggs to hatch and literally create colonies of worms in your colon! Eww, gross, is that what you’re thinking? Well, it is a fact of life. The very act of eating takes a toll on you in many ways.

It is funny that the very thing that is crucial to our survival, is the very thing weighing us down and making us age and decay at a rapid rate. To think that something so basic and necessary as eating is the very act that makes us sluggish, heavy, and sick. Although we might not know we are sick, it is just because we are accustomed to feeling gravity pull us down, and we never felt our true potential.

Fasting is spiritual. All great masters, rabbis, and gurus have incorporated fasting into their schedule of meditation and prayer. It goes hand in hand. When you replace the desire for food with the desire to feel at peace and in sync with your soul, then it becomes obvious. Until you do a fast you will have to take my word for it. You can start by having the first meal of your day be a live almond milk smoothie. That does not count as juice, but it is living food in liquid form and easier on your body than bread, or cereal.

First step is to incorporate more liquid meals. We barely need food. In fact air, sunshine, and water are far more important, yet our focus on food is abnormally gigantic. We pollute our air, water, and soil, and then stuff ourselves with lifeless, GMO foods and consider it good nutrition.

Air is so important and undervalued, yet we pollute our air willingly with our fast paced, mechanical, consumer lifestyles and think it’s the only option.

There are breatharians alive who only breathe and sun bathe, so we know that food is not so important to our immediate survival. Oxygen is so crucial, and you can stock up on it simply by stretching your body every morning for ten minutes. Also, there is more oxygen in raw food than cooked food.

I know for myself, I can eat one meal a day and be fine. Instead I eat two, but I do notice a difference. I always feel lighter, more alert, and happier when I eat the right amount, which is a small amount.

Food is a gift from God, but food is our medicine, and we need to take the right dose.

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