Samantha Siegel

Healthy Kids!

Is it possible to create healthy, cool, children who can control their desire for junkfood?

Hmmmm….Good question.

I will tell you a true story.

My son was conceived in a tee pee made of palm leaves. I had almost nothing to my name. I thought a baked potato on the fire was the best dinner.

I raised my son in a green house on a farm. We ate only what I sprouted or cooked. Everything was real and made from scratch. He grew up on bananas, sprouted bread, buckwheat, sweet potato, and techina (sesame butter).

When he went to Gan (kindergarten) he started eating “normal” food, like white bread, cheese, chocolate spread, and packaged cookies and crackers. He thought it was the biggest treat.

Slowly he began to merge into mainstream society yet we still ate the best healthiest meals at home. He loves my food to this day and tells me I make the bestest food in whole world! I send him to school with potato chips and white bread, like a regular kid. He thinks he is the luckiest kid in the world!

Here is the balance. Raising your kids for the first few years on yummy and real food. If you don’t make it taste good within the first few years, he will be turned off. Also, if you force it, he will resist.

You need to get the kid’s taste-buds used to real food at an early age, but to give him freedom as he grows up and starts going to school, because it is inevitable that he will want it. You will see he loves the mainstream food, but most importantly appreciates it so much! Not like the kids who were raised on crappy food. They don’t appreciate it the same way.

If you want to learn how to make healthy food that tastes great, and I mean almost as good as if had MSG in it, but all natural, then contact me and we will do a skype session and I will let you in on all the secrets on how to make healthy food irresistible yet simple and easy enough for you!

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