Samantha Siegel

Phytic Acid and Why ‘Healthy’ Food Isn’t Always Good For You

You know when you learn something new and it opens up your mind and your world? And then you think….how could I have lived my whole life not knowing this?

Well, that is what happened after I understood phytic acid, which is an anti-nutrient found in grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes. It is mostly on the outer parts and it is indigestible. When you eat natural foods in its raw or even cooked form, you are not able to absorb the iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Not only that, but it wreaks havoc on your digestive system, waging war on you from the inside. This is a plant’s way of protecting and defending itself against unwanted invaders. Plants do not want us to eat them, as they are programmed to reproduce, just like us! That is one major reasons why eating takes a toll on us. Phytic Acid is depleting you of your nutrients. Ingesting too much phytic acid can result in bone decay, cavities, anemia, or deficiencies. You can never get rid of it completely from your diet, but keeping it at an acceptable level is very important.

Why would something natural be so bad for humans to eat? We just have to understand HOW to eat them. By soaking, sprouting and fermenting your foods, you are getting rid of most of the phytic acid. These are steps that we in this modern world have forgotten, but our ancestors knew it, and soaked and fermented their grains.

SO when you think you are being healthy by eating whole grain breads, nut butters, or brown rice, think again. You cannot absorb the goodness unless it is soaked and/or fermented. Unbelievable huh?

The most ironic thing is this whole-foods, whole- grain frenzy, where people spend so much more money on whole grain breads and nut butters thinking they are ‘being healthy’, when in fact what they are doing is simply depleting their mineral reserves. That is why I would rather eat white bread than whole grain bread- which is so counter-intuitive! Especially coming from the sprouted grain-health lady!

If getting something from the food you eat is important, this should ring a bell! Isn’t being nourished the reason we are eating in the first place? Or is it to just simply fill up our stomachs?

I soak all of my seeds for pesto and almonds for milk, and lentils for soup, and grains for bread. That is why sprouted bread is the only bread worth eating! There are so many benefits to soaking and sprouting.

1- Germinating the grain begins a new life cycle, as it is now becoming a little ‘vegetable’
2- Increases vitamin and mineral levels dramatically, sometimes up to 600%!
3- Removes the phytic acid, making it digestible and absorbable
4- You can absorb the nourishment from the rest of the meal without the phytic acid
5- Breaks down gluten, and makes it so gluten intolerant individuals can enjoy bread

As always, no need to be fanatical. But knowing these facts can make a huge difference in the quality of your life. As much as possible soak things before you eat it. Getting nourished is the reason we are eating, so we must learn how to get the most of what we consume.

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