Samantha Siegel

My Children’s Book ‘Moon Night’

Moon Night

Loved by Adults as Much as Children!cover2 

 You grow while you snore,

it’s not such a bore.

The moon hums a tune

and then you grow some more.



Mama and baby have adventures before bed time.   Traveling the desert, back in time to the dinosaurs, throughout space, and back again in time for sleep.  With 21 Illustrations , this poetic odyssey will satisfy mother and child alike with all the places they will go to before bed!

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This book was inspired by my son, who is not only my favorite travel partner, but the coolest dude I know.  He woke up one night when he was 5 months old and I started painting because I didn’t know what else to do, and so it all began.  He is ten now, and finally I am done with this epic project, getting ready to start my next book.


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