Samantha Siegel

Sprouted Bread for Gluten Intolerance, IBS and Diabetes

Sprouting is a miraculous process which reminds me of alchemy.  With just the simple ingredient of WATER, we have the power to wake up a dormant grain and start it’s life cycle.  The grain thinks it’s about to be planted, and it gets ready for germination by sprouting a tail.  Nutrients sky-rocket while gluten levels decrease.  Carbs go down while protein goes up.  Phytic acid, an anti-nutrient which blocks mineral absorption, radically decreases, making it not only easier to digest and absorb but great for those with sensitive stomachs! When we eat sprouted wheat, our body recognizes it as a vegetable, not a grain. Just soaking and sprouting changes the grain so dramatically, that you simply cannot compare.


I have so many customers with allergies to flour, yet they eat my sprouted bread just fine!!


Sprouted bread is also a great option for those with IBS since the phytic acid is nearly gone, making it much easier on the stomach and great for those with diabetes, as it has a lower glycemic level than any other bread made from flour.


Wheat can be a great food, but only when sprouted!


How can it not be? It fed civilization and is one of the 7 holy foods of Israel!


And after all, wheat grass, the healthiest super-food on the planet, is just sprouted wheat which was planted!