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Sprouted Bread, the Essenes, and the Dead Sea

The first recorded recipe of Sprouted Bread is found in an Aramaic manuscript called the Essene Gospel of Peace. The Essenes, who lived near Ein Gedi, (which is at the North-West area of the Dead Sea), baked sprouted wheat wafers under the hot desert sun. Why is this note worthy?

The dead sea is a heavy place! These are all the reasons I think this this specific area in the valley is so special.

    -Located in the Syrian African Rift or Great Rift Valley
    -Saltiest, most healing waters on earth
    The Lowest Point On The Globe is 15 miles East of the ‘holiest’ city on Earth, Jerusalem

The Great Rift Valley is a special geological feature, being a tear in the Earth’s surface due to tectonic plates drifting apart. The hot lava formed a scar-like valley that connects Syria to Africa via a fault line in the earth’s crust. The planet is ripping apart where three continents meet; Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Dead Sea is also where the Essenes lived and where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. These ancient documents prove another dimension of our time-space reality. I very much resonate with many of the things the Essenes deemed worthy to do, like live a simple life in the peace of nature, eat healthy foods, fast, pray, not trade or use money, or own slaves, and so on.

Many amazing things are recorded in the Bible about this particular area, and they are either cataclysmic, apocalyptic, or prophetic!

The War of the 4 Kings vs the 5 Kings in Genesis

About this battle, it is written in the Torah “They joined at the Valley Of Siddim, now the Salt sea.” -Genesis 14:3

It writes ‘In the valley of Sidim’, which is the same root, shin and daled, as shed or demon. Next sentence they mention fighting the refaim, or evil spirits. Twice in the same paragraph it mentions demons and spirits. I think its trying to tell us something about this valley. These are some of the only times in the Torah where it mentions theses evil entities. It says the land of demons is where the dead sea is!! No wonder God destroyed that place and left a healing, salty, sulpur filled, clay canyoned, wonderland.

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

What was once a well watered paradise, was where Sodom and Gomorrah were rained upon with suplhur and fire (Genesis 19:24). Before the destruction, the Jordan Valley was beautiful.

In Genesis 27:10 it mentions that Lot saw the plains of the Jordan and it was well watered everywhere, and looked like the Garden of God. Avraham saw the destruction. ‘He gazed…..smoke of the earth rose like smoke of a kiln”. ( Genesis 41:28. ) It must have been pretty cataclysmic for Avraham to have seen it from the mountains, where he resided.

King David running for his life

Ein Gedi is where king David found refuge when fleeing from saul who sought to take his life. “He went to the strongholds of Ein Gedi.” – Samuel 24:1.

Food for Thought- Mima’makim kiraticha Adonai, From the depths I call out to you my Lord. Psalms 130:1

Amok, which in modern day Hebrew translates as deep, is the root word of m’mamakim. From the deepest depths, which could also mean low, and Ein Gedi happens to be at the lowest point on earth. Did David know that?

Ein Gedi is right there at the lowest point on earth, and so we can understand that David called out to the Lord from the deepest depths of the soul and also the deepest area on the surface of our planet.

The Future of the Dead Sea

According to Ezekial 47:10-11, water will stream down from the Eastern side of the temple and sweeten the Dead Sea. “It will happen that fishermen will stand by it, from Ein Gedi to Ein Eglaim. They will be spreading places for nets. Their fish will be as of many species as the fish of the great sea, exceedingly abundant. But its swamps and pools will not be sweetened; they will be set aside to provide salt.”

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