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Weight- Why such a popular topic?



Why is it such a huge topic? Everyone is trying so hard not to get fat. The first time in history that the problem facing us is not scarcity but abundance .


Most women are die-ing to lose some extra weight, so they die-t. I used to also, once upon a time. That’s right. I was fanatic about not being fat and I counted calories and did boring workout routines, and die-ted.  I was unhappy with my weight for almost ten years. I wasn’t fat, but I was feeling on the verge of it all the time.  It was a constant nagging pain.


Then I met Shoshanna Harrari, and my life changed. I never again counted a calorie. This is the beauty in the simple foods God has given us to eat. I can eat whatever I want, even if it’s cake, sprouted bread in pizza form, oils, avocados, creamy almond milk all day long. It would make no difference to my body. What freedom. I love feeling good and eating yummy food to satiety.

This food is more real and nourishing, so you get more positive results. What a great deal.  Eat everything you ever wanted till you’re satisfied, while you spend less, get more nutrition, become more vibrant and beautiful, energetic, and younger!


It’s been eleven years now, and I am only getting more fit. I feel like I’m healthier now than ten years ago. And that I will keep getting stronger and more flexible.


Many popular beliefs that I grew up with are not correct, such as ‘eating fattening food makes you fat’. As a child, I learned from the 7th graders how to look at the nutrition facts on sides of all packaged food, as an indicator of how much I am allowed to eat.  The fallacy lies in not differentiating between good fats and bad fats. Good calories and useless calories.  Not all fats and calories are equal.


The purpose of food is to nourish and sustain us. Its about eating real food and the right amounts, and real food makes you feel great.  Unrefined, raw coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil is not only good for you, but can speed up your metabolism, promoting weight loss. Canola oil will not  give you any positive results,  and eating hydrogenated fats from boxes will leave you feeling not full, but regret-full.


Eating too much and eating processed enzyme deficient food makes you sluggish. If you are eating sprouted bread, olive oil, roots, herbs, grains, nuts, avocados, you will not get fat. Unless you eat too much.  Fats don’t make you fat.  Constipating food, bad oils, and too much flour are the real culprits.  


The truth is, we don’t need to eat so much. We need to drink much more. I found the best way to eat the right amount is realizing we are actually thirsty! So drink clean water and iced tea through out the day.


Simplicity, Health, and wealth is a walk in the middle. The right amount of the right foods and you will be fine. You probably have heard, it is better to eat a little bit of bad food than too much good food. Meaning, too much to the right or left is not what we are aiming for, but the middle path that is best suitable for us.


“Since by keeping the body in health and vigor one walks in the ways of God – — being impossible in sickness to have any understanding or knowledge of the Creator –it is a man’s duty to avoid whatever is injurious to the body and cultivate habits conducive to health and vigor.”

~ Maimonides (1135-1204 CE) Mishneh Torah: Laws Re: Moral Dispositions and Ethical Conduct


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