Samantha Siegel

What’s Food Really About?

Once upon a time we ate what we grew and what we stored and dried. We were lucky if we had a few spices, and even luckier to have a stash of sea salt. Our diets were local and seasonal. Only the king and the very wealthy could get rare spices and treats. But today we all live like royalty. We literally can eat anything, whenever we want, however we like it.

There are so many amazing spices, grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, greens, fruits, herbs, and oils out there. If I were to list them all, it would take up this whole page. It looks like market stalls overflowing with earthly goodness.

Truly realizing this could be what finally kicks the habit of eating boxed, canned, or enzyme deficient processed food. You will see the beauty in a simple, down to earth diet. Almond milk, quinoa, a salad, a bowl of homemade medicine soup, or simply some spouted bread dipped in olive oil. First we need to clean our bodies and minds to the point that we can come down to earth and appreciate how much time and effort it would have taken us to grow these crops ourselves. We are so beyond flooded in this generation that its not for our benefit, unless we stay simple and eat well.

Now, in modern times, we have juicers, blenders, freezers, all the things we need to make our own food and preserve it. We have all the tools, so people, why do we still buy processed, sugared, msg, packaged foods. Never has there been a time where there was more food available. How could it be that we are flooded with fruits and then the masses go buy pasteurized, sugar filled fruit juices with preservatives and artificial colors? What an illusion of prosperity. 

If you don’t yet appreciate the simplest things on earth I suggest you do a body cleanse. Most people have some type of parasite living in their intestines. These parasites are like the bad conscious telling you that you want to eat junky food, but its not your head thinking that, its the parasites in your belly. Once you clean your colon from built up debris over the years (and of parasites or worms), you can start all over from scratch. All new . Its like cleaning for Passover, but inside your body. Plus, even if we started eating healthy food, our intestines are lined with built up layer of junk, so we don’t absorb the nutrients of the food completely. So there are two very good reasons to build yourself up slowly to do a full body cleanse. You must start slowly releasing “old junk”. The way to start is by drinking water, eating good food, and start some kind of exercise, whether it is yoga, tai-chi, or dancing.


The Grand Illusion

Mostly we don’t need food, we need nutrition and hydration. Over eating is so counter intuitive, its taking a good thing and using it to our disadvantage.

The most ironic part of the food crisis on planet earth (the food phenomenon where half the world is hungry and malnourished and the other half is fat and malnourished) is our bodies don’t even want all of this food. We have such abundance but we are getting sluggish and low vibration. The truth is we need fresh air, clean water, a little bit of nutrient dense foods and God. We need peace of mind, exercise, and to let our souls free.


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